fork test lab
for test-engineers
to automate fixtures
Just take Fork and program the tests in Python. The test stand...
and DIY-platform,
RaspberyPi expansion Board,
board of education
is ready!
for test-engineers
to automate fixtures

Key Features

  • 8 Digital Outputs can be used as active/passive output, connect a relay or PWM on every channel
  • 8 Digital Inputs can be used as dry contact with input voltage up to 30V, with frequency measurement and pulse calculation features
  • 8 Analog Inputs -10..10V with overvoltage protection. One diff channel . Up to 1M Sample rate
  • 2 Analog Outputs 0..10V output with short circuit protection. Sin/triangle/saw/random wave generator features
  • 3 UART, SPI or I2C for connection with external devices like ADC, DAC, external memory, sensors etc..
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi to connect with computer, RPi or Smartphone for total galvanic isolation
Sending a Fork around the world
Yes, Yes! If you need, we will send you a Fork even to the South pole!)

Your Test Lab
Script Language + Fork + Compatibility board

To use Fork you'll need:
  • Computer, RPi, Smartphone to run JavaScript or Python scripts
  • Fork that is connected to this computer or RPi or Smartphone by Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • If testing device signals are too weak or too strong for direct Fork connection, you'll need a compatibility board that increase or decrease signal levels to make using Fork possible
  • Device that needs to be tested

    Our way is much more simple than creating testing stand based on any other platform
Fork is not a silver bullet, but it really simplifies test stand creation, connection, reliability issues and test scripts reuse. So this saves your time!
How it works
New way of device testing
During projects lifecycle new features keep causing new errors.
How Fork will save your time in test stand creation

The easiest way to use Fork

  • Connect Fork

  • Open browser

  • Use the following request format: ip address + '/ control?' + Fork API command

  • The Fork API commands description you can see here

Examples of testing on the Fork

Fork expands the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi
Fork expands the possibilities of DIY projects

Create a testing platform
on your Desk for

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